The Liberals' Record


Gender equity is not a priority for the Morrison Government. Under the Liberals, Australia has fallen from 24th to 50th place in the global gender equality rankings. We’re performing even worse on women’s economic security, falling from 13th to 70th place. 

In the last 8 years this government has: 

  • Spent almost as much on advertising as on addressing violence against women. 
  • Tried to cut funding for legal services and safe housing options for women and children fleeing family violence. 
  • Cut $88 million for new build for homelessness services and abolished the National Rental Affordability Scheme, preventing thousands of new homes being built for women and children fleeing violence 
  • Abolished the Family Court which experts now say “exposes survivors of family violence to unnecessary risk.” 
  • Tried to make women escaping violence drain their superannuation accounts – saving the budget $83 million but condemning women to poverty in old age. 
  • Tried to halve funding for consent and respectful relationships education in our schools. 
  • Still haven’t implemented measures from their own 2018 and 2020 Women’s Economic Security Statements. 
  • Awarded $71 million in taxpayer money to companies who have failed to report on their gender pay gap and sexual harassment policies, as required by federal law. 
  • Declared “the gender pay gap has closed” when at the time the average woman still earnt $240 less than the average man every week. 
  • Defunded Working Women’s Centers, cutting vulnerable workers’ access to free legal support. 
  • Tried five times to slash Paid Parental Leave, calling mothers “rorters”, “double dippers” and “fraudsters.”.
  • Bragged the Government was delivering “highway upgrades” when asked about women having to give birth on the side of a highway because of lack of maternity services in the Yass Valley. 
  • Failed to appoint a single woman to the Victorian registry of the Federal Court. 
  • Told aged care workers, 87% of whom are women, to “get a better job” if they wanted better pay. 
  • Abolished penalty rates for retail, pharmacy and fast food workers, the majority of whom are female. 
  • Increased university fees meaning Australian women will pay almost $500 million extra dollars every year - 50% more than men will. 
  • Scrapped gender equity targets in the aid budget after failing to meet them 6 years running. 
  • Spent more than two thirds of their $150 million fund for women’s change rooms on swimming pools in marginal electorates through “Sports Rorts.” 
  • Ignored more than 8 reports detailing the challenges faced by women.