Climate change and disasters

Australia is one of the most natural disaster-prone countries in the world, with the frequency and intensity of natural disasters increasing due to climate change. 

Households and communities already facing existing stress or hardship, including those living on low or fixed incomes, people with chronic health issues, people with a disability, and those facing financial stress, can be particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change such as increased heatwaves, extreme weather events and more intense and frequent bushfires. Disasters disproportionately affect women and girls, with women and children 14 times more likely to die in a natural disaster on a global scale. 

Women and children are also more likely to suffer in the aftermath of natural disasters, such as displacement, social isolation, psychological trauma and financial despair increase the likelihood of domestic and family violence. 

The Liberals' record

The Liberal National Government have had 22 energy policies in eight years – that uncertainty terrifies investors, it’s killing jobs and pushing power prices up. 

They promised a long-term emissions reduction strategy two years ago – it’s stuck in the black hole of undelivered promises by Scott Morrison. 

They’ve gutted the Climate Change Authority so much you can count the staff on two hands. 

Two years since it was announced, the Government have not released a cent from their $4 billion Emergency Response Fund. This funding could be building levees, fire breaks and women and child- safe evacuation shelters in disaster-prone communities right now and helping communities recover from devastating fires and floods. Instead it’s languishing in Scott Morrison’s bank account.