There's been a lot of talk about gender equality in Australia recently. 

Back in 2019, the Liberal Treasurer tried to lock women's groups out of access to the Budget because they weren't "relevant."

Back in 2020, women who criticised the budget were described as not being "credible."

Now in 2021, women have returned to work following the pandemic but are working jobs that are less secure, and with fewer hours and less pay than men. That's locking in a lifetime of economic insecurity and a lack of independence in retirement.

The Morrison Government doesn't have a plan to fix the big issues facing women.

The 2021 Budget is just the latest attempt at bandaid solutions by a government that is not on the side of women.

But all this talk about the Budget might have you wondering, "What's in it for women?"

Read on to find out how the Morrison Government's latest budget will continue to leave women behind.


The 2021 Budget: What's in it for women?

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